Personal and customer-friendly

We are a trustworthy partner in cooperation for the entrepreneurs who are our customers. The goal of our services is to help our customer companies and their owners to gain more financial success!

We have been providing financial management services in a trustworthy and professional setting since the year 1965.

We draw up a report on the results of the financial statement to our customer. With the aid of Personec Vision reporting, you will also be able to create versatile reports and queries of your own to support your planning and analysis.

We prepare monthly bookkeeping records including daily journals and nominal ledgers out of the material provided to us by the customer. We make value added tax calculations and monthly tax returns to the tax authorities. We formulate VAT refund applications.

We help our client pick the company form best suited for them, draw up the documents needed for founding a company and take care of the entire establishing process up to entering the company into the trade register. We formulate the necessary records, extracts from the minutes, share registers and shareholders’ registers. We go through the current company financing and make suggestions on future financing.

We consult the customer on the different sources of financing available. We offer our expertise to clients whose companies are in a transition stage, e.g. in cases when changes are being made on a company’s articles of association or in cases of terminating a company. When needed, we refer our clients to experts on special fields.

We take care of paying the customer firm’s purchase invoices from their online bank account, which enables us to maintain an up-to-date accounts payable ledger. We also accept and can handle purchase invoices in electronic format..

We use the information provided by our customers to draw up invoices that fill the requirements that have been imposed on bills by accounting laws and value added tax laws. The invoices are forwarded as regular mail or in an electronic form. We also take care of monitoring the customer’s accounts receivable ledger and receivables when necessary.

We make calculations on the wages and their payroll fringe costs to our customer firms and draw up payroll accounting documents. We forward the payslip to the wage earner. We provide the authorities with all the necessary monthly and annual notifications based on the calculation of wages. We write up specifications on monthly tax returns out of the employer’s contributions, wage statements and applications for daily allowances.

We prepare official financial statements and tax forms based on the accounting records. We will forward financial statements and tax forms to the tax authorities and other authorities requiring this information.

 We don’t take auditing customers. For auditing we have partners.

We formulate and forward our customers’ electronic tax returns. We make applications of adjustment of prepaid taxation. Together with our clients, we draw up a plan to gain an understanding of the measures that need to be done in order to optimise taxation for both the customer firm as well as the entrepreneur him/herself.